The Information Technology Section (ITS) provides a forum for information systems professionals to share their knowledge and experiences in supporting the filing officers in their respective jurisdictions. It supports the Business Organization, Secured Transactions and International Relations Sections in recommending best practice approaches, fostering communications between business and technical resources and developing and implementing technology solutions in the Association’s focus areas.


The Information Technology Section is dedicated to attracting a wide range of technology professionals to the IACA conference by presenting content rich and relevant IT sessions. With the assistance of the Board and advice from the membership, the Information Technology Section can be strengthened and assume a more significant role within IACA.



Scott Mayers, Louisiana, Chair

Director, Information Technology

Louisiana Department of State

8585 Archives Ave.

Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Telephone: 225-922-0626




Trevor Timmons, Colorado, Vice-Chair

Chief Information Officer

Colorado Department of State

1700 Broadway, Suite 200

Denver, Colorado 80290

Telephone: (303) 860-6946