An Instrument For Positive Change

IACA is a nonprofit association for the professionals of governmental agencies charged with administration of business organization and secured transaction laws and for the technology managers that support these different functions. As an international organization, it includes members from the United States, Canada and many other jurisdictions around the world.

Organized in 1978, IACA provides a forum for its members to exchange ideas and share concerns, to propose solutions to common challenges and to provide opportunities for mutual education and cooperation.

IACA is dedicated to the education of and exchange of ideas among its members at annual general meetings and through electronic communications throughout the year. Emphasis is placed on supporting its membership’s efforts to achieve greater efficiency in government and provide superior service at the least possible cost.

In 1991, IACA began to participate in external activities which affect filing office functions and interests. In 1994, IACA adopted an operational plan to take proactive steps to influence its legal and technological environments to improve performance of its members’ offices.

Through the association’s activities, its members, partners, speakers, experts and other friends pursue the goal of improved administration of business and commercial laws and, collectively, are an instrument for positive change.

Annually, IACA convenes its membership for a multi-day conference which is its primary educational and collaborative event. In addition to members from around the globe, the conference is attended by governmental dignitaries, guest speakers and featured presenters and attracts experts in business and commercial law along with vendors whose products and services are relevant to IACA’s membership.

Among the most important attendees at the conference are IACA’s partners who make the event possible. By partnering with IACA, those having an interest in the administration of business and commercial laws are able to stay current with the ever-changing legal and governmental environment and participate “first-hand” in the discussions that often result in new laws, policies, practices and procedures.

Jay S. Robbins of Corporation Service Company recognizes the benefits of International Association of Commercial Administrators sponsorship:

Supporting IACA’s valuable work as a corporate sponsor is one important way that Corporation Service Company stays on top of the latest legal trends affecting the administration of business entities. IACA’s annual conference affords CSC a unique opportunity to discuss issues of mutual importance with state, federal and international government administrators.

Cyndi Festa, Director of Public Records for D&B’s DUNSRight Operations greatly values D&B’s association with the International Association of Commercial Administrators:

Dun & Bradstreet is a pioneer supporter of IACA and its goal of bringing together those in the public records industry for the exchange of ideas and the building of relationships. D&B’s association and sponsorship of IACA over the years has proven to be an invaluable asset to D&B and its customers. The IACA conference enables the public and private sectors to come together in an effort to discuss and formulate new processes and relationships as well as educate everyone involved in the public records industry.

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For more information about IACA, its conferences and activities, and partnership, please feel free to browse our website or contact a member of the Board of Directors.

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