Washington (USA)

Secretary of State

General Entity Information: 1-360-725-0377
Charities Program: 1-360-725-0378
Corporations Website: www.sos.wa.gov/corps

Department of Licensing (UCC)

UCC (Dept. of Licensing): 1-360-664-1530
UCC Fax: 1-360-570-7052
UCC Website: www.dol.wa.gov/business/UCC


Kim Johnson

Business Licensing Service Manager
Business Licensing Service
Department of Revenue
6500 Linderson Way SW
PO Box 47475
Olympia, Washington 98504-7475
Telephone: 1-360-705-6615
Email: Kimberlyj@dor.wa.gov

Patrick Reed

Government Affairs Manager, Division of
Corporations and Charities
Office of the Secretary of State
James M. Dolliver Building
801 Capitol Way S.
PO Box 40234
Olympia, Washington 98504-0234
Telephone: 1-360-725-0358
Email: Patrick.Reed@sos.wa.gov

Dee Sharp

Program Manager, UCC
Department of Licensing
405 Black Lake Blvd (98502)
PO Box 9660
Olympia, Washington 98507-9660
Telephone: 1-360-664-1530
Email: ucc@dol.wa.gov