2022 – Phoenix, Arizona

As we plan for the 45th Annual IACA conference, we at IACA are committed to providing the greatest safety measures possible to protect our membership.  We are working diligently with the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel to ensure we are exercising proper safety measures for this 2022 in-person conference.  For more information on some of the safety measures in place, please see Marriott's Commitment to Clean document. We look forward to seeing you in Arizona!

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Visiting Phoenix

Are You Ready?

Below are links to assist in your preparations for the 2022 IACA Conference in Phoenix!

  • Membership Registration   -  You need to be a registered member to register as a member for the conference.  At least one member is required per jurisdiction to register as member staff.
  • Conference Registration
  • Ground Transportation
  • Hotel Reservations

Wednesday Night "On Your Own"

Wednesday evening is an "On Your Own" night.  There are a lot of things to see and do in Phoenix and surrounding areas to the hotel.  There is something for everyone. Check out the opportunities!


2022 Conference Materials

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2022 Conference Speakers

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This list is being updated daily.

2022 Merit Award Winners

2022 Merit Award Winners



Please refer to 2022 Merit Award Letter for more information about the reward process and winners.


2022 Conference Partners

2022 Conference Partners

The Association gratefully acknowledges the following IACA Partners who are critical to the success of the 2022 IACA Annual Conference:

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The 2022 IACA Partnership List is updated daily.