2021 – Virtual IACA Conference

Thank you for joining us for the 44th IACA Conference! The conference was held virtually on May 11-13, 2021.


Virtual IACA 2021 Conference Agenda

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Virtual Roll Call

One person from each jurisdiction will provide an update on activities in their jurisdiction.  In 2020, our virtual roll call related to COVID-19 challenges and projects, but we will return to a more typical roll call presentation.  The goal will be to avoid saying the words “COVID-19” and “Remote work” in your presentation.

  1. What was your biggest accomplishment in the last year?
  2. What projects do you plan to accomplish this year?

NOTE: Please keep your update to 2 minutes.



Are You Ready?

Below are links to assist in your preparations for the 2021 Virtual IACA Conference.

Virtual Social Hour

Following the sessions, there will be a virtual social hour for attendees to catch up with friends and meet new members.


2021 Conference Materials


General Session: Mental Health in the Workplace

General Session: Requesting Optional Business Data: Is the ministerial role of the business registry shifting?

General Session: The Corporate Transparency Act

General Session:  Digital Identity, Verified Credentials and the Corporate Registry


Business Organization Section (BOS) Session: Online Notarization & RULONA

Business Organization Section (BOS) Session: “You’ve Come at Just the Right Time”: A Federal – State Trademarks Project


Information Technology Section (ITS) Session: Social Media Best Practices and the Importance of Being Verified

Information Technology Section (ITS) Session: Cybersecurity Refresher


Secured Transactions Section (STS) Session: Blasting into the Future – Article 9 Amendments

Secured Transactions Section (STS) Session: Standard Search Logic – How careful is careful enough?


2021 Merit Award Information