Below are the summaries of responses to list serve questions submitted after the 2014 Milwaukee conference.

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List Serve Summaries



Bank Filings

Nonprofit Dissolutions

Ownership Filings

Standard of care for record keepers

Name Availability Standards

Online Filing Security Measures

Stock Information

Questions regarding your processing systems

Name Availability

Benefit Corporations

Business Centers

Clear Path for Entity Filing Chicken or Egg

Forfeiture for failure to appoint a resident agent

Front End Scanning

Mandatory Online Filing of Annual Reports

Share Fee Online filing – do you charge an access fee

Filing Fees

Reinstatement Questions

Sole Proprietorships and General Partnerships

Registered Office Address Change for Multiple Entities

Benefit Corporations Litigation

LLC Domestication

Online Filing

Delaware Model

Statutory change to name availability standard

Fee schedules

Establishment of Benefit Corporations

Use of Mail Box Service